Mivar has a long experience in producing cushions for garden furniture.

We have developed a large selection of cushions.
Mostly we produce cushions on customers’ requests – according to the given measurements and designs.
There are two families of cushions: cushions filled with foam plate and cushions filled with foam crumb.
We are well-equipped to produce cushions that meet high quality and comfort expectations.

• Cushions with foam plate can be in different sizes with foam thickness 2-8 cm.
For more expensive cushions we also use additional wadding of 150 – 600 g that makes the cushions softer and more round.
Most of the cushions have zippers for filling and the filling is removable for washing the covers.

Cheaper versions of cushions are filled with foam crumb and stitched on a tufting machine.

For cushion decoration we can use piping in the similar colour or in contrast, buttons or hairy buttons, stitches through the foam plate in thickness up to 6 cm and embroidered
emblems or logos.
Fabrics for cushions can differ according to customers’ needs:
normal cotton fabrics for cheaper ones and easy-care and water-repellent fabrics for more expensive cushions.

Cushions for garden furn.
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